Once he became a bona fide harp guitarist (have you seen the video?!), Christian quickly saw the need for a modern instrument built for a modern musician’s needs.  Obviously, he required some form of classical guitar, but one with a full 8 basses to play the music of Taraffo.   He also decided that the missing Eb might be useful, so he had a 9th bass thrown in.  And of course, it wouldn’t be complete without a hollow arm.  Thus was born a new modern hollow-arm 15-string classical harp guitar commissioned and partially designed by Christian, and built by Antonello Saccu (who long ago built Beppe Gambetta’s steel-string “Gazzo”).

That’s Christian receiving it from Antonello at Franco’s home last week.  Here are some more pics they took just for us:

Now you can really get to work, Christian!