After our impromptu afternoon, we all met at Joe & Linda’s home, along with Quebec player Claude Laflamme, the only other Gathering early arrival.  The following photos are all by Hiro/his camera:

Jaci Rohr (my wife, p.s: pronounced “Jackie”) and Linda Morgan prepping badges, packets, etc…

…while this year’s host, Joe Morgan, does what he does best – prepare an outrageous Texas-style feast featuring various smoked meats.  Fantastic, except that when back at the hotel, every time I belched I set off the smoke detector.

Frank (Doucette), terribly allergic to the cat indoors, spent the entire evening outside on the patio.  Luckily, the weather was wonderful (for the entire long weekend also – what good fortune!).

So we all had to take turns waiting on him (much to his delight). Claude and Hiro joined him at the table.

After dinner, the four of us played our harp guitars and each others’. Hiro, trying out Claude’s 20-string Pellerin, a wonderful Doolin-style instrument.

Demonstrating my “sub-bass fret snare” invention, adjusted for the Kathy Wingert harp guitar #2 (originally Stephen Bennett’s) that’s available for sale at Harp Guitar Music.

Claude plays Frank’s Wingert while Hiro jams on blues harp, yet another of his talents.

The event hasn’t even begun, and we’re already having a blast!

Tomorrow is the official start of the 10th anniversary Harp Guitar Gathering!

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