Continuing our saga of the 10th anniversary Harp Guitar Gathering…

I figure I’ll just keep going with what few photos I have at the moment (Hiro’s, again, for this segment), and add others into the posted blogs as they come in (we need yours!).

It’s now Friday morning, Nov 2, 2012, and we had a quick breakfast with these arrivals of late last night and early this morning.  Thankfully, the Bennetts arrived safely, and Jaci, Frank and I were soon off to meet them and the Morgans at the theater to start our prep there.

So we missed all of the following shenanigans:

Mike Doolin drives some of the gang to a local music store for some errand (what’s the story here, guys?).  Hiro in the front seat, with (for those who don’t know them) Benoit Meulle-Stef, Dave Evans, and Stacy Hobbs.

Back in the hotel room, Dave unveils his brand new carved-top and back mini harp guitar in quart tuning.  A beauty that was sold (to Nancy Conescu) before I even got to see it!

Stacy test driving…

While downstairs, Dan Pease unveils his latest eBay treasure, and by “treasure” I mean “poster child for the term ‘diamond-in-the-rough.”  It’s a Bruno that has been heavily (albeit lovingly) modified in a myriad of charming ways (well, to Dan, but his eyesight’s going…).

But when he showed Steve Farmer the custom-painted back, I think everyone became jealous (I know I did!).

We were afraid that Kathy Wingert might not make it with her brand new (not quite finished) HG with its outrageous B&W ebony back and sides.
(That’s Tim Donahue behind her with Ben, and Steve Sedgwick – he’s back! – off to the side)

Keith Medley, one of our first-time features, drove all the way from the Nashville area.

The arrivals continue…

…and cases are already opening

Andy Wahlberg tries out Bob Hartman’s latest Dyer harp mando find, while Martin Leykomm (a multi-Larson harp guitar owner from Germany) discusses it.

Can you believe people are already jamming, and we haven’t even done dinner yet?

That’s next…

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