OK, now that I’ve got a couple thousand photos from Chuck Thompson, CHGP (our Certified Harp Guitar Photographer), I’ve replaced and/or added several to the last blog of open mic players.

Before we move on to Saturday’s events, I’d just like to add a few more that show some remaining folks you might not recognize – many who came to their very first Harp Guitar Gathering.  It’s easier for me to add captions and comments here.

In addition, all of Chuck’s Friday photos are available in Galleries or Slideshow format here. To view the slideshow, click the link on the upper right (as shown below):

In Slideshow mode, you can change speed (upper left commands) or advance manually (faint arrow at right), as shown below:

Chuck does this for a living, so if you’re so inclined, purchase a photograph from him, or an image use right for your promo pack or website.

Some new faces:

Neal Rudy (left) has been to many Gatherings now (he flies to each one in his own private plane, the bum!).  This year, his (local Texan) brother Blair joined him.

Craig and Anthony Keever were surprise last-minute registrants

Randall Sprinkle and his son Caleb, from North Carolina.  Randall owns the fantastic McCollum harp guitar for sale at HGM, and now has a brand new Tony Karol HG.

Donald & Pat Knudsen.  Don is a great multi-instrumentalist from Omaha, who recently acquired a Gibson HG.  That prompted him to make the trek to his first Gathering, and we’re glad he did!

As mentioned previously, Michael Hess and his wife Elisabeth made their first-time trip – with full-size kontragitarre in tow – all the way from Stuttgart, Germany.

Local luthiers Dale Mitchell and Stephen Kinnaird

Martin Leykomm, who comes regularly now to the Gathering from Germany, tries out one of Chuck Thompson’s “Nashville Harp Guitars” (he had 4 available).  Note that these “dreadnaught-style” HGs have 12 strings on the neck.

Part of our growing Southern California harp guitar contingent is Chris Bucklen (San Diego), attending his first Gathering.  In the back is one my very favorite things at every Gathering – Martin’s “laughing face.”

Although Ed Dowling brought along two of his harp guitars (and is a great player), he seemed to spend the entire weekend playing a multitude of party percussion instruments.

Miami, Florida’s Michael Schreiner – a recent Harp Guitar Foundation benefactor – does it all.  Owns a music store, plays, restores (his old Gibson HG) and builds (this is his second Sullivan-Elliott style HG).  Most importantly, he never misses a Gathering!

New Jersey guitar and lute teacher Mark Farley (left) tries out Steve Farmer’s (right) giant Gibson HG.

…while again, the jamming continues late into the night…

Tomorrow we begin the big day!

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