While I am unashamedly tickled to see my small accomplishments in the occasional public eye (usually embarrassing, but hey, it’s not like I’m not asking for it…), I am more thrilled and proud when I get to see my wife shine.

Here’s what Jaci does best when not babysitting all us harp guitarists at the Gathering, or nagging me to stop the endless harp guitar blogging:

I vaguely remember her saying something about an impromptu interview she found herself giving Entertainment Tonight last month.  Lo and behold, on December 11th, they ran the story online with video, and she only found out about it the other day!

She’s completely winging it, but obviously knows her stuff, and is a complete natural at it.  Like me, only professional, charming, articulate and attractive.

I don’t mean to be the annoying proud husband showing off his wife, I just wanted to share a few of her talents; she rarely gets the attention and opportunities she warrants.

But you’ll see her real talent in 3 days…