Time for another update to the Luthier page…and I need your help!

Latest Updates so far: To the first section, I’ve added:

  • Emerald Guitars (Alistair Hay) who’s now ramping up production on his carbon fiber instruments (everyone bug him to make sure he comes to the Gathering)
  • Holloway (new USA workshop)
  • Sean Woolley (now going full blast into harp guitar production)

Moved up to the first section:

  • Tim Donahue (another entrepreneur having great success)
  • Oliver Klapproth (with a third harp guitar variant he just sent in, seen at top)
  • Max Monterosso (another one hoping to come to a Gathering soon!)

In the 2nd section, I added:

  • Maik Malguth (his site shows a Dyer and a Sullivan-Elliott in the works, and he just sent the wild Maccaferri-inspired instrument above)
  • Michael Schreiner, who’s shown us his first fantastic Sullivan-Elliott style instruments at the last two Gatherings
  • Don Sharp, who I hope builds another after his first experience

I also moved some entries down from the first to the second section – like the Milburns (who aren’t planning to ever build another, but who knows…?) and others I haven’t heard of/from in some time, like Arul, Mike Brittain, Ron Steiger, etc.  This is mostly in deference to those in the first section who for the most part are actively seeking harp guitar orders.

And finally, I deleted a few who have disappeared or are no longer active (along with a couple who sadly have literally not responded once in the last 10 years since their courtesy listing on the site…seriously?!).

Again, luthiers – please keep me posted on new builds, and send photos and info (or link to same) when complete.  When designs are different enough, we want to add them to your entry (and ultimately to the main History Gallery pages).

If you think you warrant the 1st section (or want to “retire” to the 2nd section), let me know.  Also let me know if you want to be listed alphabetically under your own name or company/business name.

It’s also becoming harder to make a distinction between individual builders, builders with assistants or small production shops (Brunner, Holloway USA), small “factories” (Tonedevil, with less staff than Brunner?) and larger factories (Holloway China, Buckey’s Ukraine outfit).  For example, I never had Scott Holloway’s company listed while it was solely doing China “mass” production; now he and another luthier (or two) additionally slave away by hand in Pasadena.  I hadn’t listed Jay Buckey, as he’s not actually a builder but an import/export/ eBayer of Ukraine factory-made instruments under his guidance (but decided later to list the Trembita factory).  If anyone has thoughts on these distinctions and usefulness/accuracy/fairness of my Luthier page, let me know.  (No, I’m not quite ready to add you, Kinloch!)

And finally, we desperately need Luthier of the Month features!  If builders have detailed photo essays, let us know (see the growing list at the bottom of the page); if builders and clients can get together and do stories/interviews/making of documentaries (a la Brad Hoyt’s great AVC series), this is your chance to have your name in lights and also archived for posterity.  How come GAL can do it once an issue and we can only do it once a year?!

Surely harp guitars and harp guitar builders are more interesting!