And we’re off!

Friday night’s hotel banquet dinner included lots of old friends and some new faces.  New Gathering attendees this year were Tom & Mary Pat Cook, Stephen & Marie Bekessy, Gerry Camp, Roger Billerey-Mosier, Scot Tremblay, Marcus Volk & Sarah Jolley and John Littel.

The natives getting restless.  The Powell brothers kindly brought all of their Tonedevil HG stock for folks to try out and borrow for the weekend.

Gathering founder and Director, Stephen Bennett (SB) gets the evening started

Among the opening evening’s activities is our Foundation’s fundraising raffle full of donated items.
For example, Dan Pease donated this rare, first edition of Bob Hartman’s book (I don’t even have one!)…only to have Carol Hartman win it (she donated it to Stacy Hobbs, the bum!).

Dave and Anthony (Tone) Powell with their fiddle partner Arvid Lundin kick off the Open Mic.  Arvid lives and runs Lundin’s Violins in Coeur d’Alene.

My brother Mark and his wife Barb performed “African Alleluia.”

Some time ago, Gerry Camp from Oregon commissioned the first Sullivan-Elliott style harp guitar from builder Woodley White.  He played John Doan’s “Farewell” and an original piece for us.

Paul Price (now living in Arkansas) convinced me that the Emerald carbon fiber harp guitar and jazz are made for each other!

Pete Bradshaw continues to mine the classical repertoire for his steel-string Wingert.  It kills me how he always puts on his glasses before playing only to then close his eyes from start to finish.  Whatever…it works!

Dan & Bets (who we featured this year) never fail to entertain.  Dan just had this c.1901 Bruno 12-on-the-neck HG restored.  It’s for sale and sounded great!

Meanwhile, out in the foyer…

…others play for themselves or others, including Ed Dowling on his custom Tonedevil.

There were many other players whom you’ll be meeting later in the concert chapters.  I may add additional photos to these posts also as more pics come in (these are all again from Linda Morgan plus a couple from Stacy Hobbs, filling in for Chuck Thompson this year!).

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