How very cool. On 2022 Christmas Eve morning, I’ll be live on the air back at KPFK, after 27 years!

Yes, it’s the 27th Anniversary of my seminal double album, and – tickle me red, white & green – but it shows no signs of stopping.

Hey – show of hands. How many of you have the rare and valuable first printing? (- the original covers I’m holding the last shrink-wrapped copies in existence of in the photo above) Weird to see those, then the Delos edition (they’re responsible for the “Seinfeld puffy shirt” shots on the covers) and lastly the 25th anniversary digital cover.

Yes, the only reason you’re even reading this – or ever heard of Gregg Miner – is certainly due to radio host Bonnie Grice, who put me on the map in a major back in 1995. (You can read my very personal story here.)

Then, soon after my 1-hour appearance on her show, I visited KPFK and host John Schneider (the well-known microtonal guitar guy) for a live hour there. Another great experience.

And now, KPFK host Mark Humphrey (whom I’ve not yet met) has asked me to visit for 20 minutes this Saturday morning. It’s just so bizarre that I’m able to repeat an appearance there 27 years later!

For those in listening range in Southern California, the show runs 7-9am; I’ll be on at 8. No idea what he might ask – or if I’ll remember! – but should be interesting…listen in on 90.7 FM if you’re up.


Hard to disseminate a 4-1/2-year project into 20 minutes, but Mark Humphrey at KPFK and I managed as best we could! Thanks for listening! Root Music & Beyond archived here (at half-way mark):