After a full morning and afternoon of harp guitar presentations at the 13th Harp Guitar Gathering, we broke for dinner and our crew (us) set the stage for the public concert.  As with the last 3 blogs, all photos are by our own CHGP (Certified Harp Guitar Photographer) Chuck Thompson.

Here’s the simple but lovely open space of Saint Patrick’s Episcopal Church that we held the event in this year.

Not a huge stage for our usual wall of harp guitars on display, but we found some space!

Wow, we’ve never had a host this fancy!  But no, Randall Sprinkle didn’t dress up special for us, this is how he always dresses for his group’s performances.  Still, he cleans up well, don’t you think?

…while this guy apparently can’t even afford an iron.
This was the first time during my opening harp guitar introductory talk that I had an actual harp to compare to – mostly explaining how our instrument is not actually “a combination of harp and guitar,” in fact, hardly like one at all.

Founder Stephen Bennett (SB) next introduced last year’s hosts, Anthony and Dave Powell from Idaho.  The brothers play their own Tonedevil instruments.

Last year’s hosts introduced this year’s host and Randall brought out his Musically Yours trio (seen in the last blog), joined for this set by their violinist friend Denys Gorski.

A good looking group from either direction…

Next up was Canadian Don Alder.  In addition to his jaw-dropping instrumentals, he sang his original tune from his brand new CD “Armed and Dangerous” which I forgot to mention earlier.

SB played an always-too-short set on his Wingert…

…as we closed out the first set with the Zingaresca Duo: Vadim Kolpakov  and Oleg Timofeyev, who have changed into their traditional Russian gypsy garb to more authentically play their traditional Russian harp guitars.

I’m glad Chuck got a shot of each of their hands showing their dramatically different right hand techniques…Oleg’s from the classical tradition…

…and Vadim’s from the gypsy fingerstyle tradition.

For an encore they brought out their long-lost cousin to play accompaniment – Andrew Wahlbergovitch or something…

Leading off the second set, Drew Baldwin both belted out and crooned, backing up with his blues harp Dyer.

Next out was Phil deGruy on his 17-string Guitarp.  Electric super-trebles on top of his famous Lenny Breau harmonics…

Muriel Anderson followed with her own harmonics piece View from Space, then something that looks equally knuckle-busting.

Andy Wahlberg came out and joined Muriel for a tune, then got down with some great instrumentals to close out the second set.

SB then came out and the pair began our traditional finale ensemble piece “The Water is Wide” – which as you know, grows…

…and grows…

…and grows…

..into this!

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