Last night we went down to The Museum of Making Music in Carlsbad for the final sold-out concert in the Harp Guitar series (Stephen Bennett).  He was alternately captivating and hilarious as always.  He asked me up to close the night with “The Water is Wide” as tribute to our friend Dennis Mitchell, who passed away this last week.  Some of you know Dennis from out Luthier Panels at the Harp Guitar Gathering.

I hung out in the exhibit space during pre-show and intermission to answer questions.  Here we were at the end of the run, and there were still new people discovering this world!

It was probably the last time I would see our rather stunning handiwork, so took a moment to capture one last iPhone panorama.  There are better photos online of course, along with our 60-page exhibit catalog, still available at their gift store.  Here it is, split into 3 short video clips:


Update, 4/10: Here’s a better video just posted on YouTube filmed by KUCR radio station.