Now in PDF format!

Yes, readers – we’re trying something new. I’ve been investigating this for some time, reading lots of opinions, discussing with knowledgeable friends, and just finished a test drive and collaborative final vote with Thomas Nielsen (who lives in Denmark, and contributes to, most recently in getting the password-protected Members Section back up).

It looks great everywhere, including an old iPhone (though I of course design all my articles for full size monitors, since there’s so much eye candy). My only complaint is that links don’t open in a new window, and when you go back it takes you back to the top (perhaps not all browsers will act the same). Hopefully, a small price to pay.

You get to these articles the normal way, from their sections, and the articles have many links for additional reference, fun, whatever. I’m using high-ish resolution images which should often look much more wonderful than my usual expanded 72ppi images when blown up, although random sizing % with PDFs may cause artifacts as we all know. You can save these to your computer, but hopefully not edit them (please test). I would’ve preferred to just use low res images and/or protect these, but that ship has long sailed (these days I have to be in a particularly bad mood to bother threatening those who steal my images without so much as an acknowledgement). Time to get the material out there with as many backups as possible is my present thinking. As always, donations to our non-profit are greatly appreciated to help the cause.

And so:


Historical Luthier of the Month


Harp Guitar of the Month