First off, I just have to say what a leap of faith the W. J. Dyer & Bro. Company took when they made the decision to market something called the “Dyer Symphony Harp Plectral Ensemble”! Who wouldn’t have wanted to have been first on their block…? (Apparently everyone).

Continuing with my PDF-format article updates, I’ve just finished a monograph on the Dyer harp mandolin family. That section of has been offline for a year or more while I re-organized the last twenty years or so of discoveries by Bob Hartman and myself.

It led me on a merry (and merry-go-round) chase, but at last I think I can commit to the information presented herein.

Whether this new article will remain accurate for years to come or become obsolete tomorrow is anyone’s guess! For now, I just hope you find it suitably interesting. You can view in your browser or download for archival purposes. As always, donations to our non-profit Harp Guitar Foundation helps us make this information and resource available.