It’s always nice to discover an unpublished photo of Michael Hedges. This one is a beautiful shot that shows his black-top Knutsen harp guitar (“Darth”) to good advantage, especially the replaced neck/headstock.

It’s unfortunately printed on newsprint and folded, but still a rare and wonderful find. It’s currently for sale on eBay (please let me know if you win it).

I continue to hear from new and old Hedges fans who discover this site. So now’s a good time to remind you of where Hedges can be found on

He heads up the always-sad In Memoriam section of the Players page.

He has his own in-depth Player of the Month article, with contributions from many fans and sources around the globe.

His Knutsen is still under-represented in its Knutsen Archives listing.

I investigate his relationship with the late luthier Lance McCollum in two blogs: McCollum & Michael and McCollum Harp Guitar Legacy, Part 2.

And finally, I investigate the 5-sub-bass configuration of his six-sub Dyer in Stringing for Hedges. (I offer my own four different Hedges sub-bass sets at Harp Guitar Music.)

Here’s another new (to me) photo of Michael as part of the Klein Community. Please let me know what else you find out there!