I’m duplicating this week’s Facebook post for those who get my news here.

I just got copies of the brand new “Secrets of the Harp Guitar in Europe” CD from my friends overseas. Indeed, most of these players have long been friends of mine, and it’s nice to meet a couple of new ones. It’s very rewarding that something so newsworthy in my field (that I had no involvement with) is also so personal.

There was an additional surprise from Philippe Fouquet. His tune was called “Gregg.”

With two ‘g’s! Surely it couldn’t be a coincidence?

Turns out I still have a spec of muse left in me after all. What an honor (thanks for the kind words along with the precious music, my friend).

You can get copies from any of the artists individually, or if you’re in the States, from my Harp Guitar Music web store. Just don’t expect a song with your own name on it!