The last print copies of the exhibit catalog I wrote for our Carlsbad exhibit 3 years ago are long gone, but fear not! Those of you who never availed yourself of a copy can now view and read the entire 64-page publication electronically. It is presented by the Museum of Making Museum on; just ignore the dozens of ads and pop-ups and hit “Fullscreen.” This is the instrument’s entire history in a nutshell (concentrating on America and the modern resurgence), and is indispensable to fans and researchers of every level of interest (scholars, I wasn’t allowed footnotes, but you know where to find me). Please note that the photo credits given on page 62 are off (each appearing 2 pages later than listed), and on p.58 the Harp Guitar Gathering should have read “annual.”

Enjoy – and with the money you just saved, remember my latest book “Vardon, Perry & Wilbers”!