While a “harp guitar” in name only (yes, I research those also!), this one has been an ongoing fascination of mine. Not so much because of the instrument, but because of the story: a unique, multi-generational tale that spans two centuries (three, since I’m publishing this just now) and seems so quintessentially American.

I included an image of this instrument on the site from the beginning, have mentioned it here and there through the years, finally wrote about it in 2012, was then contacted by some family members (and owner descendants), and finally decided this year to write the definitive 38-page PDF-format article while I had the wherewithal to so.

That’s Frank Behee below – the second builder of “the weird instrument that wouldn’t die” – who features prominently in the story.

Click here to read the PDF article: The “Lyric Harp Guitar” (or The Flying Beehees and Other Stories)