The Renewed Guitar is the title of a stunning new coffee table book coming soon to guitar fanatics everywhere!


I haven’t seen any galleys, but can attest that it will be a top notch production, with something for everyone – chock full of rare images of 6-string guitars (and, yes, harp guitars) from all periods.

It’s been a 5-year labor of love by my Euro friends Erik Hofmann and Stefan Hackl.

If you have their stupendous Stauffer & Co. book, then you know they don’t skimp (though this one will be a more lap-manageable 11.7″ x 10.6″).

(You may as well pick up a copy of the Stauffer book while you’re at it. While Erik gave me permission to add all the rare harp guitar pages to, I haven’t gotten around to doing so yet!)

Even I have no idea of the scope of never-before-seen images will be in the new book. I know I have kept a few quiet in order to give the authors the “scoop” (including the answer to that unusual 1800s precursor to John Doan’s 20-string concert harp guitar!).

I contributed a tiny bit of info and an image or two (I can’t remember!), as did many other key ephemera collectors and institutions.

A scholar’s dream and aficionado’s fantasy…I just ordered mine!

Here’s the flyer, and here’s the order link.