Obviously, there is a lot of talent in the harp guitar community. And some of it goes way beyond music.

Take Professor Whimsey, that mysterious denizen of Facebook whose Wonder Emporium followers now number 368 and counting.

Though some say he bears a resemblance to a harp guitar-playing Aussie, his true identity remains unknown. As does the source of his endless antique watch parts, hardware and other metallic bric-a-brac, from which he crafts his Steampunkish, one-of-a-kind inventions, contraptions and sculptures.

Naturally, he can’t resist building his little harp guitar contrivances, and so brought some to the recent Harp Guitar Gathering, where yours truly snapped up all those remaining to make available to those in the States who never get to see these things, let alone own one.

Available now, just in time for Christmas! One is sold, prices range from $200-$240. The three available are below. Please email asap to hold yours!