I’ll be there…will you?!

The event got a mention in the current issue of Vintage Guitar – it seems like it’s been a while since they’ve included a notice (kudos to HGG staff for getting that in).

The reason Bob Hartman and I look so young and dashing is because that particular photo is from HGG6 in 2008. (Caption is a slight error; we aren’t “discussing Knutsens,” we’re comparing the Dyer and Knutsen short-scale hgs.)

You can see the schedule and other info on Harp Guitar Gathering’s page here.

Hmmm…I see I’m doing a presentation. Those are always fun (so I better get busy on that). Actually, it’s about ready: highlights from last year (on my blog, etc.) plus a bunch of surprises involving my latest discoveries and research projects not yet posted (some of these actually never get posted, so best to come for my “possibly-one-time-only” experiences).