Hope everyone’s holidays were festive, fun, healthy and safe.
I left off my 14th Harp Guitar Gathering report with Andy Wahlberg’s segment on Saturday afternoon.

After dinner, players started to re-congregate:

CHGP Chuck Thompson, who took most of the photos in these blogs.  That’s his friend’s “Nashville Harp Guitar.”

Joe Giacoio has been to many Gatherings over the years, usually with his lovely Gibson Style U in tow.

“Veteran” Tony Barnard (his second Gathering) is apparently showing Newbie Matt Farr (on SB’s Big Mama Dyer) the chords to our grand finale.

It was soon time for the Saturday Night Concert, which features, well, the Features…plus a few add-ons.

Three of this year’s Featured Players tuning up.

The show kicked off – as it often does – with my 10 minute Harp Guitar “Cliff Notes” – my iceberg graphic alone is worth the price of admission.

Kinloch Nelson then started off the musical portion – we’re back in the church, but now with much cooler lighting…

…and wall to wall harp guitars arrayed like “stage bouncers.”

Continuing in order of appearance, Lou Alano

Dan Schwartz

Alex Anderson

Claude Laflamme

Stanley Alexandrowicz (if the “Early Romantic Guitar” specialist ever doubted he was a “harp guitarist,” I think the stage made any argument moot!)

Randall and Jayne Sprinkle had driven up from North Carolina literally right after a gig…so we couldn’t exactly tell Jayne to leave her harp in the car!

Don Ross

Andy Wahlberg, flush from his “major award”…

Wrapping things up with Stephen Bennett, who then led us into our traditional “Water is Wide” finale…

Yes, you have to see it – and hear it – to believe it!

And everyone smile for the Class of ’16 photo

Back at the hotel, things get raucous pretty quickly.  Unsurprisingly, Dan & Bets seem to once again be at the center of the hurricane.

Looks like there has been some musical chairs between these shots from Benoit…

…who later was around the corner doing an inside-out inspection of Steve Klein’s new harp guitar.

Which he was clearly fascinated with – one harp guitar luthier legend to another.

Hmmm…we seem to have a dearth of photos…folks were too busy playing, visiting, partying to document themselves apparently!   And there was the full day tomorrow, starting bright and early.

Next: Sunday Workshops, Concert Recital and the Wrap Up