Just don’t get your hopes up…

I’m addressing those of us harp guitar fans who are also Pierre Bensusan fans (and isn’t that most of us?).

Every time Frank Doucette sees him (which is every southern Cal appearance), he bugs Pierre about playing one.  In case you’ve forgotten, Pierre owns one – this monster built by Dave Evans, which Pierre never felt comfortable trying to tackle (gee, could the 17 subs have something to do with it?!).

But now we’re getting closer!  This is Pierre trying out Philippe’s OHG (Brunner travel harp guitar) a day ago.  Philippe (our Featured Performer at HGG8 in just 1 month, in case you’ve forgotten), says “I was with Pierre yesterday, we spent a good part of the night together.  He enjoyed very much my Brunner.”

Hmmm…enough to get into the harp guitar game?

Like I said…(see title)

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