Happy Holiday Holloway Harpers

After 100% safe shipping, all but one of my customers has now weighed in (the last lives in Mexico and will pick it up in the States soon).  All appear happy-to-thrilled with their first harp guitars, especially considering the price point.  The first instruments that got out before the Powell Bros arrived in town to properly pimp are mostly dialed in, so time to relax and make some music!

Below is my own brother, Mark, grinning like an idiot on Christmas morning (no, he couldn’t wait).

And Michael Lohr, who writes for the German Akustik Gitarre magazine, sent me a photo as well.  Michael has been a harp guitar fan and supporter ever since hearing Stephen Bennett.  Now he’s joined the party!

Bob Visintainer got a Holloway from Scott and just got the ¾ scale Knutsen from me, and really likes them equally in their own way.

More coming by the end of January, then it’s your turn!

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