Bad Hair Day

This little gem – a medium-sized cabinet card – belongs to Connecticut luthier George Youngblood.  Stephen Bennett is having his original Merrill repaired there at the moment, and George was kind enough to loan this piece from his collection for “the cause” (SB had it with him this last weekend so I could scan it).

No names or date.  The Gibson harp guitar is a small 6-bass Style R, made for just a couple years beginning in 1903.

The gentleman flute (?) player looks a little bit leery about entering into a duet with his companion – wife, neighbor, other?

And who can blame him?  I’m not sure she’d be very inviting with any hairdo.

Stephen thought this was begging for a caption, so now it’s your turn!

What are they thinking?
Pick either lady or gentleman, or both (Format: He: “quote”; She: “quote”)

  1. Chris_Bucklen Says:

    She sez…”WHOA!…this really is the first electric Guitar”!

    He sez…”Oh jeez, now it’s gonna be a hundred years before anyone wants to play one of those again”!

  2. Benoit Says:

    She: Where was the conditioner?
    He: Can’t afford conditioner anymore after paying for that monster, live with it!

  3. Gregg Says:

    Hey gang – this one you can answer directly here, no need to email me in private…

    Unless you’re Joe Morgan…”He: I told you I had something that would make your hair stand on end.”
    “She: “Yes, but when you said you wanted to show me your big Gibson…(remainder not suitable for a family blog)”

    Or Eric Hartshorn, who had to be fancy and use the image itself:

  4. Dan Pease Says:

    SHE: Put these instruments WHERE????”

    HE: “And there I stood with my flute!”

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