Gibson Harp Steel

Alas, only Knutsen made “Harp Hawaiian Guitars,” or as we now call them, harp steels.

Nevertheless, this woman decided to re-purpose her standard Gibson Style U harp guitar into a “super harp steel guitar” – with 10 chromatic subs to support her slide work.  I can only wonder if she used the basses – I hope so.  Either way, she certainly must have been a hit in this Hawaiian trio (with taropatch and ukulele) – from the visual alone.

You go, girl!

This wonderful cabinet card just ended on eBay ($47 – not bad at all..but I let it go).

  1. Darrell Says:

    Was there a name associated with this group? Where was the card located? (Not that that would mean anything, just curious)

  2. Gregg Says:

    Darrell – the seller was in Los Angeles, and no – zero info about the performers (or naturally I would have included it).

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