Hogan’s Goat

…would be a great name for a rock band, as Dave Barry would say.

Turns out, it is a real band.

My favorite old goat himself, Dan Pease from Iowa, sent this news clipping from yesterday’s local paper.  He’s playing his new Holloway prototype and clearly having fun.

I never knew until now the name of the group he has with his better half Bettie Swarts (Bets) on fiddle along with a hammered dulcimer player (inexplicably out of frame).

Another great name for a rock band would be Chocolate Fantasy (the name of the fundraiser they played at).

Or even better, Scott could call this brownish Holloway harp guitar the “Chocolate Fantasy” – I think everyone would agree it’s catchier (and more accurate) than “Black”!

  1. Benoit Says:

    I really love this 2 ones!

  2. Hiro-Moheji Says:

    I want to tell to them, “Congratulations”.
    I got a hearty card from them at Christmas of last year.
    I felt sorry for them because I had not mailed the letter of the reward yet.
    I am very glad to see the appearance that they are happy and energetic.

  3. Ken Bonfield Says:

    My favorite name for anything musical is Emanon. It runs trippingly off the tongue so I’ve used it as a placeholder title for songs I perform but don’t have permanent titles. It seems like it would work well for a band too.

    It’s Noname, spelled backwards

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