Obviously I’m stuck in a title rut…last one, I promise (maybe).

This would be Dave Powell – he spent the day in my studio recording his submission for the new compilation.  It’s his best solo HG piece so far.   He played a version of it at the last Gathering with brother Tone, after which Frank and I just turned to each other with eyebrows raised – both thinking we had found another potential killer track.

Dave is a huge Kottke fan, and perhaps the only harp guitarist who brings some of that vibe to the instrument.  This tune is a churning 4-on-the-floor groove, and we insisted he do it on the new 12-strings-on-the-neck Tonedevil – which further sells that Kottke vibe.

He’s been working his butt off, and I think it’ll show – 12-string is hard enough to play, and his thumb never leaves the subs once to help out on the neck.  I certainly wouldn’t want to tackle a piece like this!

Luckily, there were no extraneous noises from the peanut gallery…after helping set up, brother Tone quietly immersed himself in the music book library, making nary a peep.