McCollum Harp Guitar

For anyone who may not know, Lance McCollum passed away 2 years ago.  Nice that his legacy will live on.

This just came in on consignment, and I spent the evening checking it out, plugging it in, and photographing (photos done, will finish the listing later – I’m pooped!).  It has gone through a few hands since 2001 (I only know the recent consignor), but is still near mint.  Surprisingly, this is the first one I’ve had a chance to examine and play in person, and I must say, I am blown away.

I’ve A/B’d it against my Dyer and a Holloway, and tomorrow Frank will stop by and do the same.

Does anyone know when Lance built his first one?  And how many?  I have no idea.  It’s strange that I’ve never met nor heard from a single McCollum HG owner, until now.  None has ever shown up at a Gathering, nor ordered strings, nor posted a Forum message (that I can remember).

I’d say that this is now a rare treasure.  I just wish I had the chance talk to Lance about this fascinating instrument and his harp guitar career.

  1. nate Says:

    I remember he also built a 12 string varient

  2. Gregg Says:

    True, Nate – that is among the 3 different instruments I have included in his Luthier listing.

  3. Gregg Says:

    Listing is finished:

  4. Dennis Mitchell Says:

    Let me check with a fellow I know that owns a couple of Lance’s guitars.

  5. steve jost Says:

    The first HG that Lance built was shown at the Healdsburg Fest in 1997. Micheal Hedges stopped by and played it (I have a picture). A doctor in SF bought it. I commissioned Lance in January 1998 to build the second HG. He built less than 5 in his total guitar build of around 300 before his untimely passing. I have 4 other LM guitars.

  6. David Borbas Says:

    I have the first McCollum harp guitar. I bought it at the Healdsburg festival.

    I hope to be able to attend the next gathering.

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