The Medusa is in da house!!

That would be the amazing “Manzer Pikasso guitar on steroids,” built for Danish musician Henrik Andersen. member Thomas Nielsen just posted a link to the “Medusa Guitar T.V. World Premiere” video on our Forum.

I then clicked on Henrik’s Facebook photos (not sure which I like better – the Medusa shot or his diapers shot…), which is where the html page name displayed “Andersen is in da house!!” – something I felt obliged to riff off of for my own title.

On Henrik’s blog page I also found these better videos showcasing this outrageous instrument:

Medusa Guitar

Guitar RAGA

P.S: Speaking of the Pikasso, Linda’s page includes a new video of Pat with Anna Maria Jopek (warning: if you haven’t heard, he had the top neck removed, so it looks a bit decapitated!).

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