No, not a new Nashville duo, but close.

The other day, Brad Hoyt forwarded me a slew of new videos by Kyle Reeder, who I’d heard something about (I forget where) – a youngish festival-winning fingerstyle player from Kentucky.

His instrument is a custom harp guitar by Tennessee neighbor David Wallace.

I don’t know how long ago he got the new instrument, but he seems to have hit the ground running, adapting his considerable technique to the extra strings, with several compositions right out of the gate.

I just added Wallace Guitars to the Luthier page (David’s son Randy supplied the photos…he apologizes that they hadn’t strung up the last 3 subs yet…).

As you can probably ascertain, I haven’t heard from Kyle yet, so don’t know the when, how, and why he got into the HG.

When all else fails, I’ve found the best way to get their attention is to blog first, ask questions later!  He’ll eventually find us here.