Hoelle Harp Guitar

It’s nice to see more and more builders coming out of the woodwork.  Nicer still when I can be of some small help.  Last January, musician Tom Hoelle (pronounced “Holly”) bought the Sullivan-Elliott plans from me, and then a set of Sitka and Mahogany.  Less than a year later, he finished his first harp guitar – only his second instrument (since a 1990 mandolin).

He also set up a tripod to document the build through the long process, which he shares here.  Great job, Tom! (on both the build and the excellent, thorough documentation)

Let us know when we can hear it on a project.

Builders – pros and part-timers, alike – we always love seeing you document your builds.

  1. Tom Hoelle Says:

    Thanks Gregg! But don’t underestimate your role in this… after all, it was your web-site that took me from curiosity to “I want one”. Then when I saw you had plans AND suitable lumber, my path was clear! lol I’ll post a clip as soon as I can…


  2. Michael Schreiner Says:

    VERY nice work Tom! I built one of these and took it to the last Gathering. It was the most difficult build I have ever done. I wasn’t going to ever build another but now I have wood for two more and can’t wait to get started on the next one. I will be making some changes and you have given me some ideas that I am going to steal (ok?).

  3. Tom Hoelle Says:

    Thanks Michael! Yeah, I didn’t think I’d be building any more anytime soon… but now that this one’s done, I’m already starting to have other thoughts! lol As for “stealing” ideas from mine… I’m flattered! Most of my “ideas” came from studying other’s anyway… so feel free!

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