Cigar box, that is!

This is “old news,” but Benoît reminded me that we never followed up on the story.

I originally posted it on the Forum on June 2, when I heard from Jason Verlinde that he and the Fretboard Journal gang were judging a “Double Neck Cigar Box Guitar Contest.”

Yes, these guys were serious.  Turns out there’s this whole insane world of cigar box guitars out there, the builders and players congregating at Cigar Box Nation, headed up by Shane Speal, who appears to be the “Cigar Box Guitar Pope.”  They have over 4000 members!

And you thought our group was odd.  (one day we hope for that many members as well)

Among the many (very creative) twin (or even 3) guitar necks built on bodies made from various cigar boxes was this harp guitar by member “Delvero.”  It not only was a huge hit, but on June 14th, it won the contest!

Not to be a spoilsport, but…um, Jason?…that’s a Form 5 harp guitar (Open Frame harp string attachment) – not a real double-neck!  Oh well, too late now, and I’m sure you guys were just having fun (and taking vast quantities of drugs, I’ll wager).

The builder posted these pics and info on the CBN site:

“Harp guitar made using a large La Flor Dominicana box and aged cherry. My inspiration to build the harp guitar came when i saw a posting by Shane and his rough draft on the Nation. Making it required on my part, searching and looking at harp guitars on the internet, as well as visits to a local harp store where information was shared. The cherry wood used for the necks and fretboard were milled over forty years ago and purchased from a neighbor ten years ago. It is strung with low E strings on the harp and Martin medium acoustics on the guitar. The tuners are geared banjo tuners and i decided to use them as a result of how the necks joined together. The people on the Nation and at the Clubhouse are some of the most supportive and creative folks. They are willing to share their ideas and knowledge with anyone who asks! It really can’t get much better than that!”

I agree (reminds me of us, but with a cheaper budget!).

The entire harp guitar community extends their congratulations as well, Delvero!   Too cool.