New Archtop Harp Guitars

I thought these were quite nice…from new builder Johan Van Neck of Belgium, who “has no web site and builds just for the passion.”  He adds “I prefer to build custom, and I build both archtop and flattop steel string guitars. I’m always willing to share details and  experiences with luthier colleagues; I feel this as a duty.”

Johan’s first-ever harp guitar has a full 11 subs, tuned chromatically from Eb down to F.  It has a carved spruce top, with maple back and walnut sides.

The second – just completed – was commissioned by a left-handed player with very specific (and interesting!) ideas.  It has a spruce top with maple back and sides.

This beast has 26 strings spread across 3 necks: guitar, high-strung mandolin, and harp arm with 3 banks of subs, each tuned in fourths.

Here’s the top under construction:

And the back and sides:

The mandolin neck has some crazy fingerboard/fret business for the high string, which is tuned to B (a full fifth higher than normal).  The mando is tuned A(octaves), D (octaves), G and B.

The subs are arrayed thusly: lowest bank, low-high: DGCF. Next bank: A#D#G#C#; and by the neck F#BEA.  So a whole chromatic scale is covered (just good luck finding them!).

I hope we get to meet and/or hear the owner of this unique creation one day!

You, too, Johann!

  1. Michael Schreiner Says:

    What a craftsman! Makes me dizzy trying to take it all in.

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