…if you can just figure out the timing!

Actually, this is authentic Alpine concert zither music…with kontragitarre accompaniment.

Brad Hoyt (composer and time signature expert) just sent in the link to the fascinating video of one of these zither ensembles.  The tune has the most subtly hilarious timing (a cornucopia of time signatures) in the syncopation.  What are those various subdivisions?… a dotted-what?  Aggravating and wholly infectious at the same time!

Here’s the group (Kerschbam Zithermusic) from their site:

Think of the fun if we could get these guys to a Gathering!

Here’s some of their others that are more straight waltzes:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I6IWqqszDH0 (very lovely), and


Following the thread, one can find additional videos of zither with kontragitarre accompaniment.  Too me, it’s reminiscent of Schrammelmusik, but is very unique with the timing changes and complexities with a feel not duplicated in American folk music!  And the European harp guitarists are all making good use of the subs.  Charming, quaint, or however you want to describe it (“as cool as Dr. Who’s bow tie” is how I’d put it…), it shows yet more musical styles of the ubiquitous harp guitar around the world.

Check it out!