The Return of the Dyer Harp Guitar

A couple weeks back, when Jim Worland ordered some string sets, I asked “Are these for some new Holloways?”

He said no, for the “Dyers.”

It made me realize that I’m gonna have to start getting used to specifying what Dyers people are talking about – vintage Larson Dyers, or modern Dyers!

For Scott went and trademarked the name (we actually had the same idea a couple years back, and I helped convince him to go for it).

BTW, I apologize that this isn’t a full blog – just a quicky, as I posted this on FB and didn’t know if everyone would see it:

holloway-t Frank Doucette (who took our photo) and I had a fun visit last night at the nearby Holloway factory to check out the latest trademark Dyer harp guitars.  Scott holds their #4 and #5 styles, while I hold my two Merrills (interestingly, the first and last Merrill HGs built).  His partner Jim Worland, with old chisel and new mustache, proudly stands between.  I had brought the Merrills so the guys could compare their instruments in some hardcore one-to-one A/B testing.  Always nice to hear Scott play as well, with his amazing touch on the harp guitars he loves so much.  The instruments are just about ready-for-primetime and are going to be a great value and option for serious musicians, and the team is honoring the vintage Dyer legacy while updating only as needed to bring them into the 21st century.

holloway2This shot shows the three recently finished instruments (100% Jim) – styles 6, 5, 4, front to back – and Alex de Grassi’s beautiful walnut style 8, seen and heard at the last Gathering (don’t worry, he’s getting it back).

More to come, I’m sure…

But enough about Scott and Jim – I’ve got harp guitars to sell, too!

In case you hadn’t heard, Merrill #18 that I took for our test is for sale here, for those with slightly deeper pockets.

  1. Stephen Bennett Says:

    Cool about the instruments, of course! Scott has been at this project for some time and it’s great to see this latest development in his quest! Bringing Jim onboard seems like it was an excellent idea.

    But Gregg, really? —– “Jim Worland, with old chisel and new mustache, proudly stands between.” Is anyone else cracking up at this line?


  2. Gregg Miner Says:

    I crack myself up – that’s all that matters.

  3. Fred Carlson Says:

    Gregg, Stephen….

    Hey, did I ever tell you guys about the band I want to start, instrumentation consisting only of Dyer (or Dyer-style) harp guitars? I’m calling the band “Dyer Straits”! Now don’t steal that name, OK ?(you’re both invited to join the band, of course!). Hey…I should trademark that name, huh?

    Actually, I have mixed feelings about the trademarking of brand names from the past that still have current meaning or relevance. But I think it’s great that those guys are making those instruments! I thought they were just getting stamped out in a factory in China or something….
    I had no idea Jim Worland was involved…GO Jim!!


    Fred (and I would crack myself up, like Gregg, but as anyone who knows me will point out, I’m already cracked!)

  4. Gregg Miner Says:

    Fred, I feel absolutely the same way, but after years of NAMM (“Larson Bros.”, “The Loar” and similar irritants) and what I feel in the harp guitar ether, I felt it would be only a matter of time, and looked at Scott as a “preemptive strike.” Especially as he was transitioning to his American-built model. Actually, I had long ago looked at myself as that preemptive strike, but failed to find the resources. In any event, it doesn’t matter what I think/thought as he had been thinking along the same lines.

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