The Travels and Travails of Merrill Harp Guitar #14

I’ll never forget this one. I heard about it, saw it on eBay where it passed, later gambled on it, discovering a true “diamond in the rough,” tried not to sell it, failed, recorded it for my eventual Norwegian Wood CD project before I shipped it off, listed it briefly in 2015 (pulled when the owner had second thoughts), and now in 2020, it’s time to offer this again for the continuing saga of “Merrill #14”!
And if you got through that run-on sentence, you might enjoy the sale listing. Otherwise, here’s where we are in our story…

The Travels and Travails of Merrill #14

  • Built by Jim Merrill, completed in 2007
  • His then-fanciest, finest harp guitar ever
  • Damaged in shipping in the infamous Cedar Creek hard case
  • Loaned to Andy Wahlberg, who recorded song “Brandywyn” on Harp Guitar Dreams
  • Dumped by the original owner on eBay in 2008
  • Bought for Harp Guitar Music inventory by Gregg Miner
  • Thought by Sir G to be the finest-sounding harp guitar ever
  • Used to record 2 original tunes by Gregg (eventually released on Norwegian Wood)
  • Sold to Jesse Lepkoff in January, 2009
  • Recorded by Jesse in 2013 for an original song
  • Briefly relisted in 2015 (he changed his mind, just as I should have!)
  • Back on the market in 2020
  • Well, what’re you waiting for?!

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