Players Blog Index

…is up. Man, I thought the Luthiers Index was long, but this is ridiculous. Anyway, this should make it easy for any new readers coming in down the road to catch up with Player news (modern, living players, for now). I’ve added some 2 dozen of these new players’ names to the various sections of […]

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Dyer 3 x 6

…which is to say, that the sixth specimen of the rare short-scale Style 3 (also “Type 3”) Dyer harp guitar just came to light. An extra bonus is the nice, clear label: “Style 3” and “No. 610” – which fits right in with the Dyer numbering scheme that continues to coalesce. Even better is the […]

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First Harp Guitar Build of the New Year

That’s news I’m still waiting for…I wonder who and what it will be? Meanwhile, the first new discoveries of the year are a wonderful series of historical reproductions (some with a twist) by Bernhard Kresse.   Readers may remember his Ries copy from my blog of March 29th. Today, after getting his Neujahr email, and his […]

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Blog Indicies

I’ve started back up on the rather involved process of creating individual blog indices for ease of accessing from main pages and subjects the many entries (which run the gamut from news bullets to full articles). So far, Dyer was done, and now Knutsen, Gibson, and Luthiers.

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Hoelle Harp Guitar

It’s nice to see more and more builders coming out of the woodwork.  Nicer still when I can be of some small help.  Last January, musician Tom Hoelle (pronounced “Holly”) bought the Sullivan-Elliott plans from me, and then a set of Sitka and Mahogany.  Less than a year later, he finished his first harp guitar […]

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From Our Mall to Yours

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everybody! And Happy Hannukah, Joyful Winter’s Soltice, Happy Kwaanza, and I hope you all generally have a warm and restful midwinter celebration. (Click for full card)

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New Saccu for Saggese

Once he became a bona fide harp guitarist (have you seen the video?), Christian quickly saw the need for a modern instrument built for a modern musician’s needs.  Obviously, he required some form of classical guitar, but one with a full 8 basses to play the music of Taraffo.   He also decided that the missing […]

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New Arul Harp Guitar

I’ve been laying low this week with a bad cold, but still managing to get all the last-minute Christmas orders out every day. Speaking of just-in-time-for Christmas: I know this isn’t in everyone’s budget, but it is a bargain: a beautiful hand-made Dyer copy/variant by Arul from India.  Just got the new tuners on, tuned […]

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Fred’s Book is Here!

…and the fun and silliness keeps coming! Several of us have had the same idea over the years…why not publish a “Children’s” (i.e: really “Adult’s”) book with all of Fred Carlson‘s woodcuts and poems done over the years for the Guild of American Luthiers Conventions. Of course, first, we had to wait for the entire […]

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The Real Powell Brothers Revealed

This fascinating film is a private family document inadvertently revealed to the public by Linda Marek (who also appears), the mother of those irrepressible Powell brothers, Dave and Tone.  In case you’ve missed the harp guitar players/builders at the Harp Guitar Gatherings and elsewhere, Dave is the one with glasses, Tone is the one who […]

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