Matching Grant Fundraiser for the Harp Guitar Foundation

We’ve now sent out a few hundred letters and emails, but for those of you who aren’t aware of this generous pledge, please read this letter from our Harp Guitar Gathering Director, Stephen Bennett: In a nutshell, we can get $5000 (in matching funds), but we need to reach $5000 on our own, from folks […]

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Moonlighting Harp Guitarists

…meaning sightings of harp guitarists  in other musical environments. The first was Ed Littlefield, Jr., who Frank, Jaci and I saw a week ago with his band Marley’s Ghost at Blvd Music (where I was first introduced to Stephen Bennett, himself, oh so many years ago).   It was fun to see their talented and entertaining […]

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Christmas is Coming…

…Christmas Present, to be precise.  Nearly 2 years in the making, this one is pretty special. Frank and I are delighted to have ended up with somewhat of a “world music” flavor (both artists and material) for a very diverse mix of interesting, melodic and beautiful music. And, of course, my stellar packaging and extensive, […]

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Fedex Ate Our T-Shirts

That’s right, the box with the remaining bumper stickers and nearly all the remaining HGG9 T-shirts was irretrievably lost by Fedex on the way home. We’ve got just 2 each of Large and XL left, so first come, first served. – On a happier note, here’s one of my favorite moments from the Gathering: The […]

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More Taraffo Tributes

I’m happy to report continuing interest in the great Pasquale Taraffo; three recent events in fact. First, I’m proud to present a brand new 8000-word analysis of Taraffo’s musical role in Genoa and beyond, written by Giorgio De Martino, a prolific and respected Italian writer and lecturer on the world of opera.  His remarkable, introspective […]

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Ya Know Whut? Happy Halloween.

You’ll have to do the Droopy voice in your head… Hey, everybody! – today is All Hallow’s Eve,  so here’s a blast to the past with Halloween Harp Guitarists! This happened one time only – at HGG7 – and was pretty wild. Costume photos are here…I changed 3 times myself, and who can forget John […]

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HGG9: Scheduled Events

It is tough to come up with ideas each year to try to educate and entertain the first-time attendees, while keeping things fresh and interesting for those who come back, year after year.  Luckily, there is so much going on in the harp guitar world, that we manage to find plenty to cover the entire […]

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HGG9: Concert Performers

Another incredible and diverse roster, with some old favorites, and new surprises. Please enjoy my montage formats (they open up nice and big) of these great photos by our official photographer Chuck Thompson. For this year’s new featured performers, please see the blogs on James Kline and Ed Littlefield, Jr. Other featured performers this year […]

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HGG9: Best Turnout Ever!

Before I continue with re-capping the performers and events, I wanted to thank, and introduce you to, all the past and new attendees who contributed to making this our biggest Registration turnout in our 9 years.  What was especially gratifying were those who came for the weekend who don’t play at all (spouses, friends and […]

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HGG9: Luthier Panel and Demo

For the 9th annual Harp Guitar Gathering, we invited Southern California builder Kathy Wingert to host.  Reluctant to take on her first harp guitar project (at the insistence of client Frank Doucette), Kathy has since become one of our more prolific harp guitar makers (8 and counting).  So much so that she even has to […]

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