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Harp Guitar Gathering Merchandise
Once these already-nostalgic souvenirs are gone, they're gone!

Harp Guitar Gathering Socks $10

Made by the daughter of Robert Carl Hartman (Dyer harp guitar creator Carl Larson's grandson) and donated to the Foundation.

Size: Large

 Email for availability

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Bumper Stickers, while they last

HGG5 "Harp Guitar Evolution" by Geoff Richard: $1

HGG12 Coeur d'Alene, ID: $0.10

HGG10 Grand Prairie, TX: $0.10

HGG9 Milford, CT: $0.10

HGG8 Indy "Arpa Viola Caipira" logo: $.010

HGG7 Halloween "Pumpkin Dyer" logo: $0.10

HGG2: $0.10

HGG1: $0.10

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