Marvelous Mozzani!
The Incredible Harp Guitars of Luigi Mozzani
Updated August, 2010

by Gregg Miner

Chapter 1: Luigi Mozzani

Chapter 2: The School-Workshops

Chapter 3: Mozzani's Inspiration

Chapter 4: Mozzani's Harp Guitar Forms: Dual Arms

Chapter 5: Mozzani's Harp Guitar Forms: Single Arms

Chapter 6: Mozzani's Harp Guitar Forms: Miscellaneous & Plectrum Instruments
Chapter 7: Mozzani's Followers

Chapter 8: Mozzani's Music


Rare Mozzani Recordings

Mozzani Chitarra Lyra Instruction Booklet > Members Only

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I am indebted to Giovanni Intelisano for the wonderful book he produced, Mozzani: Un liutaio e la sua arte. The majority of the images and information I have found come from this book.
Thanks also to: Roberto Regazzi, who has graciously allowed the inclusion of his remarkable collection of photos from the estate of Claudio Gamberini.
Alan Greenwood, publisher of Vintage Guitar Magazine, Michael Wright, author of Guitar Stories Vol II, for permission to use instrument photos from their publications.
Robert Coldwell, who has made rare material from the Etude magazine available on his web site., various other miscellaneous web pages whose url addresses I have lost track of (here's one).
John Monteleone, James Westbrook, Michael Wright

Photo Credits: Arts & Crafts Press & Giovanni Intelisano, Roberto Regazzi, Vintage Guitar Magazine, Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Kurt Decorte, Lorenzo Frigani, Rainer Krause, Bernunzio Vintage Instruments, Benoit Meulle-Stef, Francois Charle, Riccardo Marasco, Martin Guitars (Longworth), Enzo Forieri, Gregg Miner.

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