Chapter 4

compiled by Franco Ghisalberti

The 78 rpm records were recorded in the years between 1926 and the beginning of the 1930s.  Their precise dates are not easy to ascertain because the majority of these recordings were the personal property of Taraffo himself.  Therefore, they do not exist in the catalogues of various recording companies.

Many of the same recordings are repeated with different labels, see the overture of the opera “Norma,” Taraffo’s compositions “Stefania,” “Sonatina in A major,” “Prospero,” etc.  This leads us to believe that Taraffo sold many records and found the need to reprint them with whichever recording company was the most progressive.

Among all of the records listed in the following photos, we note that the only record produced in the USA is the “Columbia 1808,” most certainly recorded in 1928 when Taraffo was in New York.

The records “Homocord” were produced in Germany, while the other records were produced in Italy and England.

All of these recordings except for the last pictured have been collected on the 2-CD set Pasquale Taraffo: Una Leggenda della Chitarra (A Legend of the Guitar)To listen to samples or purchase his CD, click here.

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