Chapter 3

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The rare documents that we have succeeded in unearthing and presenting here include some theatre bills, some photographs, and some newspaper articles from the period.

In fact, Pasquale Taraffo was far more active across two continents that this sparse documentary evidence suggests.



A memory of  Pasquale Taraffo to his patron Stefano Censini

September 9, 1925

1910 – 1912

First international success

Celebrating after a concert with friends, including possibly Stefano Censini and Prospero Lavarello February 23, 1917

Contract for a concert at the Apollo Theater in Genoa

His brother Giovanni September 22, 1921

Finally he’s world famous

His brother Pietro, guitarist and harmonica virtuoso, with a Giulietti harp guitar November 22, 1921

Advertising poster for the Senigallia concert

Pietro, with a Mozzani chitarra-lyra duo bracci End of September, 1925

Reaching South America

Pietro, again, with his Mozzani in a theaterical performance June 28, 1926

Poster advertising a concert at the Politeama T. Mariani in Correggio

His other brother, Rinaldo, with a Gazzo harp guitar July 3-4, 1926

Concert at the Communal Theater in Castel San Giovanni

Pasquale Taraffo with a colleague, both with 14-string Gazzo guitars   July 28, 1926

Concert at the Grand Hotel de Thermes in Salsomaggiore

Brazil, 1926 – going for a drive

September 6, 1926

Concert in Saint Vicente in South America

Another outing in a car of the period  

September 24, 1927

Press review of concert at the Royal Theater in Monteviedo

With his friend and fellow Italian, the singer Mario Cappello


November 11/12, 1928

At home for a short visit, playing with Nino Catania and his brother Pietro

With the mandolin player  Nino Catania


December, 1928

Notice of concert at the Gallo Theater in New York

With Nino Catania in costume


December 23/30, 1928

Concert at the Gallo Theater in New York

On stage with Nino Catania, Mario Cappello, his brother Pietro and the Roman singer Zara Prima

1928 / 1929  

December, 1928

Press reviews of the concert at the Gallo Theater in New York

On stage with his brother Pietro and Zara Prima

1928 / 1929 

January 5, 1929

Still in New York  

In costume

May 16, 1929

Farewell concert at the Loreto Auditorium Hall in New York

The Argentinean maestro Eduardo Bianco

July 3, 1934


June 2, 1929

Concert at the Scottish Rite Auditorium in Oakland, California organized by Guido Deiro

With the singer Mario Cappello and the guitarist Aguillera

1933 / 1934

In Parma , Italy – an homage to the great Genoan violinist by the members of the Eduardo Bianco orchestra

1933 / 1934


The great tenor Tito Schipa dedicates a photo


Traveling with his faithful guitar


On the steamer Conte di Savoia, which took him to his final destination


“We fight, we strive, we die”

Pasquale Taraffo (died B. Aires 1937 XV)

My dear companion who could not follow me.

Here, between the pages of my journey – where you accompanied me – as always – on the ocean and on the Andes – because you were so good – because you were so modest – Your memore will remain here for all time – because one day I will pass on the memory of the loyal friend – and the great artist – that you were!


Valparaiso 26/10/37 XV

A page from Mario Cappello’s memoirs, who, having continued the tour that he had started with Taraffo, remembers him in Valparaiso

October 26, 1937

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