The “Beastess” being the nick-name Ken Bonfield gave the brand new creation by Al Carruth, and which Ken just sent me photos of.  The “Beast” is the nickname we seem to have given Al’s first one, which showed up on our Forum last January.

There, we followed its progress, completion, and loan to player Ken Bonfield (a long-time supporter, but never until now a harp guitar owner).  Apparently, I referred to it as a “wonderful beast” and the name seems to have stuck!

Ken was intrigued enough with its potential that he commissioned a “real” one (as opposed to the “$100 experiment”), and Al obliged – and in record time!

Ken writes: “Al dropped off the “Beastess” last week right before I left for a road trip so I didn’t get to send you any pictures.  They are attached.  I love the guitar.  While Al built it in similar fashion to the Beast, meaning there is a guitar soundboard and harp soundboard, they share the guitar bridge, and they are on the same plane so listeners and the guitarist hear a much more unified sound.  And the subs really ring.  No thud, just a really rich sound.  The strings on it are 11-52 for the guitar, and 40, 40, 44, 48, 52 for the subs.  The guitar itself is shorter scale tuned F#-F# with the 5 subs tuned A, B, C#, D, E.  I love having the subs in the ‘right’ descending order; my thumb is much more accurate already than it was on the beast.   I’ve written one piece and arranged another since I’ve had it.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to stumble through them by mid-November.   Cheers, kb”

It’s actually a bit more “normal” than the Beast, but even cooler.  And I believe both monsters will be at the Gathering – don’t miss it!