It seems Benoit was holding out on me!

After reading my post on Bogengitarres, he sent me some scans from a recent book published by the Berlin Musical Instrument Museum.  The collection includes some nice harp guitars, including 2 bogens:

An 1847 Schenk

Karl Muller, 1904

And also a wonderful bassgitarre in lyraform :

Schenk, circa 1850

But the joke’s on Ben, as these 3 are already on the site.  Once in the collection of Rainer Krause, the museum purchased 40 of his spectacular instruments 2 years ago (I need a bigger budget!).

It is nice that they are sharing them in a book (perhaps to go along with an exhibition that Rainer told me about?), and even better, both of the bogengitarres appear on a CD included with the book!

I’ve ordered it (and another half dozen books) from their store here (thanks to Ben for link).  It’s a bit tricky to get through – hit “English” in the corner, and after adding to the shopping cart, anywhere that you then see the word “shopping cart” is a link to it (hover button will show).  When done, I think I paid, and I think it’s coming…we’ll see.

Thanks, Ben – now who’s gonna translate it for me?