It seems I’m on a roll with this theme…

This time it’s Frank Doucette.  Not only is he an actual “vice president” (of The Harp Guitar Foundation), but more importantly, he’s also the little-recognized man behind much of the “harp guitar scenes.”

For example – aside from Beyond Six Strings, not one Harp Guitar Music compilation CD release (and some of the solo projects) has gone out without both of us vetting each track’s inclusion, and often, full track order – the whole package.  Frank’s careful, discerning ear for all aspects of the music balances my passion and gut reactions, and (I think) the projects are as strong as they can be from this balance and consensus.

Right now, we’re meeting at least once a week, as semi-final stages of two very complex projects are in the works.

The only question remaining is – if some crazed stalker takes me out, is Frank ready to fulfill the office?
(and you’d hoped I’d avoid an Obama gag)