I was reminded of this important story last weekend at the 14th Harp Guitar Gathering (report coming soon).  It has been archived exclusively on the Harpguitars.net Members Page until today, when – nearly ten years later – I figured it was time to share with the multitudes who otherwise might never make the effort to access this amazing historical event.

Andy McKee had just reached his first 2 million views – a record at the time, and of course only a harbinger of things to come.

By complete chance, Stephen Bennett had just arrived for a short Southern California tour when we heard that Andy was in town to do his first Hollywood talk show appearance.

Further, by sheer happenstance, my harp guitars were all out on loan for the first ever public harp guitar exhibit at the Museum of Making Music.

A light bulb immediately went off in my head and I took advantage of the situation…alas, not permanently (or I would be quite rich).

I asked myself:

Why collect just harp guitars?…

…when I could collect ACTUAL HARP GUITARISTS?!