An almost unknown (certainly in the States) family of harp guitar players and/or builders just 2 years ago, the Giulietti clan (father Tullio and sons, Armando, who built, and Giulio, who played) are now well on their way to posterity.  At least that’s the aim of  Thanks to Giulietti family friend Roger Belloni and his original article, we learned more than we thought possible.  Subsequently, that international treasure and friend to harp guitars Franco Ghisalberti managed to unearth 3 new specimens of interesting Giulietti guitars.  Along with a 4th just in from a private owner in Italy, these have now all been added to the updated Giulietti page.

But wait – there’s more!  As readers of Roger’s original article may recall, he lamented the fact that Tullio never recorded and that the only known recordings of son Giulio were lost.  So I was thrilled when Franco informed me a month or so ago that he had unearthed a nice recording of Giulio!  This he has expertly transferred (with the same care and calibrated equipment used for the Taraffo CD), and shared with us.  You’ll find them on the updated Members Only page.

I spent much of the weekend completely re-organizing the Members Section based on the new system we recently Beta tested (thanks to the [extremely few] who went through the exercise to proof it; so I was confident in making the switch).  User name is “member” and password is the new 2011 password recently given out.