This is a strange one!  Yet another experimental model by Knutsen, this looks like a hollow arm harp mandolin that stopped growing at a certain age.  Or a multi-direction “teardrop”?  I don’t know, but the experiment didn’t stop there.  Rather than a normal inlaid pickguard, Chris added another inlaid rosette there, with a separate piece of similar wood with a celluloid dot center.  Interesting, to say the least.  Should I even give it an “HM” (Harp Mandolin) inventory code?  Or perhaps “WM” (for “weird”!)?

This is owned by Dick Fiscus of the old Red Fiddle shop in Tacoma, photos kindly donated by Kerry Char.  Dick was one of the few sources of Knutsen harp guitars in those first days of discovery and research that I began with the late Dan Most about 20 years ago.

A strange heel support added after the fact

This makes no sense to me…

The label is code SE4, which is the harp guitar label SE1 with the bit about the “11-strings” and tuning cut off.  It doesn’t specifically with the time frame, other than the typical Knutsen mandolin “c.1910.”