As you may remember from my blog of March 13, 2011, which highlighted the discoveries and news after the conclusion of our 2010 Genoa trip, Antonello Saccu had finished a beautiful reproduction stand for Taraffo’s original Gazzo harp guitar.

This was at the behest of Franco Ghisalberti, who graciously donated the finished stand to the Paganini Conservatory, so that Taraffo’s instrument could finally be displayed properly after several decades in storage.

January 14, 2011, Franco (right) with Conservatory director Patrizia Conti and Antonello

As soon as the stand was completed and presented to the Conservatory, Franco asked if I might donate my signed photograph of Taraffo for the new permanent display case (below).  To which I was only to happy to do in return for all that the Conservatory, Franco, and Genoa have done for us!

Click here for PDF with text in Italian & English

P.S. Franco and I have some very exciting Taraffo-related news coming next week!