You’ll have to do the Droopy voice in your head…

Hey, everybody! – today is All Hallow’s Eve,  so here’s a blast to the past with Halloween Harp Guitarists!

This happened one time only – at HGG7 – and was pretty wild.

Costume photos are here…I changed 3 times myself, Droopy, David Crosby, and I forget the other

And who can forget John Doan’s Jimi Hendrix-mistaken-for-Michael Jackson outfit.  Then there was Andy Wahlberg’s special order tights, and of course Stephen Bennett as his own grandfather, and Matt Thomas as Stephen.

And we got a lot on video!

17 videos on Youtube, with about half in costume, including the astounding:

Andy doing the entire Bohemian Rhapsody in full minstrel attire

Matt Thomas as Stephen Bennett

And of course, Droopy Dog Meets The Monkees *

And so much more!

* You’re tryin’ to make your mark in society
You’re usin’ all the tricks that ya used on me
You’re readin’ all those high fashion magazines
The clothes you wear would shock even Tex Avery

(I’m not your steppin’ stone)
Ya know whut?
(I’m not your steppin’ stone)

Drum solo…

When we first met, you didn’t have any shoes
But now you’re walkin’ ‘round like it’s really big news
You’ve been awful careful ‘bout the wolves you choose
But you won’t find old Droopy in your book of Who’s Who

(I’m not your steppin’ stone)
No girl, not me
(I’m not your steppin’ stone)

‘Scuse me while I rock out…

What’s the hubbub, Bub?