We made our goal to receive a matching grant – and with time to spare…look what we’ve done in less than 2 months!

Now that we’ve hit $5000, we’ll get another $5000 in matching funds from Ed Littlefield, Jr. for a total of ten grand extra in our dwindling coffers.

Now that we’ve hit this important milestone, I’d like to list all the generous donors here who made it happen (and who have already been added to the Donor page).

We do know that money is always tight around the holidays, not to mention the continuing nerve-wracking economy, so we appreciate even more each donation that contributed to reach our accumulated goal.  Remember that with the matching grant, your dollars were effectively doubled, and of course, you can get a tax deduction for each donation – and best of all, know that it is going towards the cause we all are supporting.

– Gregg Miner, President of The Harp Guitar Foundation

Funds for the Matching Grant goal generously contributed by:

  • New Benefactor Pete Bradshaw
  • New Sponsors Michael Schreiner, Esau Simmons and a 3rd (who still prefers to remain anon.)
  • For Patronage plus: Stephen Bennett, Nate Blaustein, Scott Burwell, Ed & Sally Dowling, Don Druckenbrodt, Steve & Vickie Farmer, Charles Hill, Bob Hartman, Mark & Barb Miner, Joe & Linda Morgan and Rick Wortzel
  • New Patrons: Florence Berrien, Joseph Conklin, Bill Dutcher, Robert & Vivian Miner, Zita Rohr, Randall Sprinkle, John & Dorothy Thomas, Bob & Carol Workman and Paul Workman
  • New or additional Supporting donations ($10 to $50) from: Drew Baldwin, Allen Berrien, Rick & Johna Heronime, Stacy Hobbs, Charles Johnson, Kathy Kobyshun, Martin Larose, Phil Lester, Linda Marek, Dennis Mitchell, Dan Pease, James & Eva Platt, Ann Quigley, William Roy, Kelli Schneider, Lavonne Arendsee, Ithaca Guitar Works, David Cherniske, Paul Cody, Dave Evans, Eric Hartshorn, Christopher Hiers, Rick Hilsabeck, Jim Hoyt, James Kline, Chris Koff, Bruce Labadie, Martin Larose, Benoit Meulle-Stef, Rich Mermer, Max Monterosso, Kinloch Nelson, Richard Reed, Glenn Roth, Jack Shutt, Mike Smith, Tom Staab, James Sweeney, Susan Taylor, Jeff Turner, Kitty Wahlberg, Anne Wessel, Susie Whybrew, Kathy Wingert and Melissa Young

Thanks to all!